Fishing trip – sample itinerary

nice double figure Irish pike from the lough - Go Fishing Ireland

We always tailor the fishing trip to suit you. If you’ve never done it before, here’s a fishing trip sample itinerary.

9.30 – 10am: Meet at the boat launch. We’ll introduce ourselves and I’ll outline the plan for the day ahead. Everybody gets a fishing rod and a life jacket, then I’ll run through the equipment we’ll be using and the species of fish we’ll be after. Feel free to ask questions!

10am: All aboard and we launch our boat on the lake. Travel to our first fishing location (usually no more than 5-10 minutes). Next, I’ll set up the fishing equipment and select the best lures and tactics for the day. This will depend on the species we’re targeting and the level of experience of the group. Time to get fishing !

10am-1pm: Depending on the tactics chosen, we’ll be casting or trailing our lures in various locations on the lake. Sometimes the fish can bite straight away. Sometimes it can take a bit longer. We’ll explore open water, shallow bays and around islands. All the time I’ll be explaining what we’re doing and making sure that you’re comfortable and enjoying your day on the water. When we catch a fish, we’ll stop and take a photo (I’ll email these to you later on as a great memory of the day)

lady angler with rainbow trout form the lake
Lovely trout – a day to remember!

1pm – 1.45pm: We stop for a break, a cup of tea or coffee and a bite to eat. (you can bring your own pack lunch or book it in advance). It’s an opportunity to stretch your legs and explore the shoreline or island. Of course if you prefer to keep fishing, that’s ok.

How to correctly hold a Perch before returning to the water

1.45-6pm: We’ll take stock of the fishing so far. If the fish are not biting well, we may need to change tactics or move to to a different spot on the lake. Fishing can sometimes be unpredictable, so we need to adapt our tactics to the conditions. Knowing when to make changes to location, lures, methods, etc. is an essential skill. We fish on until everybody has caught something and it’s time to wrap up.

6pm: Head for the dock. With a little luck we’ll all be smiling and arguing about who has bragging rights for the biggest fish of the day!

End of another glorious day on the lake

“Great experience out on the lake for the afternoon, we caught lots of fish and my son (age 7) loved every minute of it. I would recommend this as a great outdoor activity for all ages in beautiful landscape, guided and led by a professional angler who tailored the trip to meet our needs. A unique and wonderful experience”

Alice Anne and son James – July 2023

Here are a few tips to ensure a comfortable day on the water:

  1. Wear sunscreen (even if it’s cloudy) The sun reflects on the water increasing its effect.
  2. Pack some waterproof clothing. After all this is Ireland!
  3. Bring sunglasses and a hat to minimise glare on bright , sunny days.
  4. While not essential, try to bring waterproof footwear (preferably wellies) for getting in and out of the boat.