Learning to fly fish

My advice to anyone wanting to learn to fly fish in Ireland is to first get some fly fishing lessons from an qualified instructor. Fly fishing instructors are located throughout Ireland and have been trained to teach newcomers to the sport as well as those who want to improve their fly casting skills. When youContinue reading “Learning to fly fish”

Where to go fishing near Dublin

As we‘re based in Co Meath, a lot of our clients travel from the capital to join us for fly casting lessons or guided boat fishing trips. A question I get asked all the time is “where can I go fishing near Dublin?”. My answer often surprises them. In reality, you don’t have to driveContinue reading “Where to go fishing near Dublin”

The 2022 Pike World Cup  – another tilt at the title!

Every April, an armada of boats and pike anglers descends on the town of Athlone in County Westmeath. The Lough Ree International Pike Fishing festival is always an enjoyable, well attended fishing tournament with around 200 anglers taking part. They travel from all corners of Ireland with a good contingent of overseas anglers as well.Continue reading “The 2022 Pike World Cup  – another tilt at the title!”

Early season fly fishing on the river

I always love the opening day of the season on the river. I’m usually there mid morning, after racing though the work e-mails. The best of the early season fly fishing at this time of year can often be when the sun has risen in the sky, so mid-day is ideal. This year I resolvedContinue reading “Early season fly fishing on the river”